Rest and Relax With A Bamboo Water Fountain

Bamboo water fountains are perfect partners for Japanese zen gardens – creating a calm, serene atmosphere for relaxation and contemplation. Not only does the soft sound of flowing water add to the restful environment, in some cases, visitors to the gardens or shrines are encouraged to wash their hands or even rinse their mouths from the water in the basins.

However, don’t think you have to have a Japanese garden to enjoy a bamboo fountain in your backyard! These fountains add a peaceful compliment to any garden design or decor.

Bamboo Water Fountain Options

Depending on your sound preferences, you have a couple different options when choosing a bamboo water fountain for your garden or space:

  1. Stationary Bamboo Fountain
  2. Shishi Odoshi or “Deer Chaser”

The more traditional stationary design has several hollow bamboo shoots that are positioned so that water moves through the shoots and falls into a reservoir of some kind – maybe a birdbath, a ceramic planter, or a bigger half barrel. The calming sound of the water flowing into the reservoir pool adds a relaxing, soothing sound to the other sounds of nature in your garden.

The “deer chaser” or rocking fountain was first used by Japanese gardeners long ago to scare deer and wild animals away from their gardens and crops. While you may have similar needs today in your garden, the deer chaser also adds to the aesthetic design of the garden by incorporating a hollow bamboo shoot that’s positioned to move back and forth as water flows through it.

As the weight of the water increases, the balancing shoot drops down to empty the water. When empty, the weighted bamboo shoot returns to it’s original position. The clacking noise made when the shoot hits a solid surface like a rock or the reservoir itself, was originally intended to scare away the deer! Then the process starts all over again as shown in this video.

Bamboo Fountain Kits and Pumps

You may choose to purchase a complete bamboo water fountain or you may choose to buy a kit that you can put together yourself. The kits normally include the bamboo components and a recirculating water pump. However, you need to decide if you prefer a kit for a stationary bamboo fountain or if you would like to have your own deer chaser!

While some may prefer just the sound of running water, others may be intrigued with the rhythmic “thumping” sound of the deer chaser variety.  Regardless how you feel about the sound differences, you may really need to chase away stray animals!

Another consideration for your bamboo water kit is the size you need to fit your space. Since most kits are available in different sizes, think about the area and decide what size container is appropriate for the space. While a small patio, balcony, or deck may support a smaller bowl or pot for your fountain, a larger flower bed or garden may be just fine for a larger size fountain and reservoir container. Select the bamboo fountain that best fits your space and your garden.

Even if you don’t have a problem with deer in your vegetable garden, bamboo water fountains create a soothing, relaxing atmosphere, plus an element of grace and mesmerizing beauty to your rock garden, flower bed, deck or patio.

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